Wolf (2nd Grade)

Second graders work toward the Wolf badge by completing a series of adventures.

Adventures are a series of requirements. You can work on these at your own speed or join in at any point in time in your Scout adventure. In addition to summer camps and programs you have options to participate in Scouting year round or around your other family commitments or personal demands on time.

At least monthly you will get updates on activities, content will be sent to families to continue on adventures and we will celebrate Scouts who have completed adventures. We will also have regular scheduled video meetings to help and engage your family down the Scouting trail. While the meetings are not recorded the kickoff portion is and will be available for anyone that misses the meeting.

Once joining you will be given access to the regular wolf adventure page (Log-In Required) for details on events and how to participate.


How it works

Make sure to register your Scout using this link for an online registration or print this form and mail it to Northern Lights Council, 3320 Hamilton Street, #1, Bismarck, ND 58503 the fee to register and participate in the program for one year is: $$$$$

After the registration is processed you will get an email welcoming you to the program with access to the wolf adventure page and inviting you to create a profile on Scoutbook.com. Please wait till you get the email before attempting to create a Scoutbook profile.

Bobcat - your Scouts first step

Get started on your Scouting adventure by learning more about Cub Scouts and complete the first activity of teaching your child about important parts of Cub Scouts by earning the Bobcat!

Bobcat is the first award any 1st-5th grade Cub Scout should earn. This introduces both Cub Scouts and their parents to basics of Cub Scouting.