Scout BSA (6th Grade – 18yrs)

Scouts BSA is a year-round program for boys and girls in fifth grade through high school that provides fun, adventure, learning, challenge, and responsibility to help them become the best version of themselves.

Here is how it works

  • Scouts will join a Scout Point troop. The troop will be made up of same-gender youth from all over the Northern Lights Council.
  • The Scout and the troop will record advancement and activity on
  • The Scout will have the opportunity to participate in summer camp, monthly campouts, and activities either as an individual or with a troop of the same gender youth.
  • The advancement and merit badge program will have the same requirements. Youth are encouraged to take responsibility for their own progress in advancement. They will record and demonstrate their progress either through or on the Scout Point website using flipgrid.
  • Advancement and Merit Badges may be supported by a parent but must be validated and approved by a registered adult leader in the Scout Point troop.
  • We are urging Scouts and parents to interact in both instruction and demonstration on requirements using our flipgrids on the ranks as part of the Scout Point website.  You will need a Google or Microsoft account to save videos or upload documents.
  • We follow the national outlined procedure for merit badges. Scouts will be issued cards and merit badge counselors via unless other arrangements have been made. Learn the process at:

What is Flipgrid and how do we use it

Flipgrid is a secure what to record and share video that his safe and secure.  You can upload your own videos or even record using an app.  We have embedded all you need to access flipgrid directly into our website so you don’t need to remember another website.  However, if you like you can use the flipgrid website or mobile app to demonstrate your Scout knowledge.

If you are interested in participating, being a leader or being a troop that supports Scouts participating in the Scout Point programs please contact Rob Gilkerson at