What is Scout Point?

The Northern Lights Council is proud to provide the Scouting experience to all youth who meet membership requirements. Youth can join Cub Scouting or Scouts BSA and have the opportunity to grow and learn from Scouting. There are many opportunities for youth to benefit from the Scouting experience.

The Scout Point method is a way for any youth ages 6 to 10 (or who is in kindergarten through fifth grades) to join a Pack or ages 11 to 17 to become a Scouts BSA member with a Troop.

Although the members of a Scout Point unit might miss the opportunity to participate in activities in a local pack or troop, there are certain advantages to this experience. For example, Scouting activities can be done entirely at home and may be on your own schedule. Boys or girls who live in rural areas have the outdoors close at hand where much of Scouting takes place. Each youth can progress at his or her own pace, building upon his or her own interests and abilities.

Each month we have scheduled activities all over the area that you can register for and participate in as a family. We also have some select events and programs just for families that are in Scout Point.

How to Particpate?

  • You have already taken the first step by being here!
  • Next find a group to join and register your Scout.
  • You will get a welcome email with log-in information to get program resources and events on Scoutpoint.org that relate to your Scouts appropriate program.
  • You will then get an invitation to record and track your progress in a program called Scoutbook.
  • Join in on the scheduled activities by participating in programs as they work for your family.
  • As your Scout completes adventures and earns recognition make sure to record those efforts on Scoutbook.com.  Youth older 13 and older can even record their own progress and have it approved via our adult leader support.

Who is Supervising?

All youth need to be supervised in participating in Scouting programs. This is true when at Scouting events and doing activities at home! Please use caution as some Scouting activities have risk. Our children should always have appropriate supervision as an adult. If your child is doing an activity that you do not feel comfortable supervising please do not do them or find qualified adult supervision. In addition please make sure to always follow our youth protection guidelines.

What is Scoutbook?

Scoutbook is an advancement tracking tool. Each family that participates in a Scout Point unit is asked to record their Scouts achievements in Scoutbook. It also has messaging, forums, service, hiking, camping tracking and calendaring features. After successfully registering with a Scout unit you will get a welcome message from Scoutbook inviting you to connect with your Scout(s) account.

How do you get Books, Awards and Uniforms?

Most council offices have a store where much of this can be purchased.  The main store for the Northern Lights Council is located in Fargo with a smaller store in Bismarck.  You can get more information on hours, how to order and more at: https://www.nlcbsa.org/scoutshop

Uniforms, handbooks and Scouting gear are all available at: https://www.scoutshop.org/

As your Scout earns advancement you will record these on Scoutbook.com.  We will share with you the advancement report for your Scout on a regular basis you then can upload that report to place your order for the pacthes, belt loops and merit badges. online at: https://scouting.jotform.com/201336348054046